You are invited to participate in a research project about Advocacy Portfolios. Participating in this study may not benefit you directly, but will be very helpful in supporting the recognition of advocacy scholarship in the Promotion and Tenure process nationally.

This online survey should take about 5 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary, and responses will be kept confidential to the extent possible through REDCap. Survey participants are requested to provide an email address, but this is not required for survey completion or template download. Only research team members will have access to this information if provided.

Submission of the survey will be interpreted as your informed consent to participate and that you affirm you are at least 18 years of age.

If you have questions about this research, please contact the Principal Investigator, Abby Nerlinger, MD, MPH, via email at: If you have any questions regarding your rights as a research subject, contact the Nemours Institutional Review Board at (302) 298-7613 or

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